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Edmonton Healing Centre for Grief and Loss

 Regaining a sense of balance in your life after the death of someone close can be a very difficult, lonely journey. Connecting with others who are walking a similar path, and those who truly understand how each person’s path is unique, can help bring healing and normalization.

The Edmonton Healing Centre is the leading support service in Edmonton for people suffering from grief. We offer small group sessions, presentations, workshops, courses and supportive counselling for bereaved individuals and those who serve and support them. |
The words we use: “Bereavement” is the fact of having lost someone close to you.   “Grief” is an intense response to being bereaved.  Grief has different aspects, and the experience is unique to each person, even though there are similarities between people’s experiences. 

 Group & Personal Support Services

For more about the various group and individual services to those who are suffering from the loss of a loved one, Click here.

EHC Bereavement Specialist, Linda Aris, talks about the losses experienced by care partners of those with dementia.

Video courtesy of ASANT Cafe

We were deeply saddened to lose Linda to brain cancer January 19, 2017.  She was a shining light to all who knew her and an angel to those living through their grief.  Her spirit lives on in the work of the Edmonton Healing Centre.

Learning about grief from a 5-year old:  “You can trust a human being with grief.  Grief is just love squaring up to its oldest enemy.  Love is up to the challenge.”

Customized services

In many settings and circumstances where a group of people have shared a loss, a customized approach is required.
Email  or call us 780.454.1194 x224 to discuss how we may assist.

Bereavement Education
We are currently focusing our efforts on meeting the demand for support groups, and thus not offering educational courses for professionals at this time.

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