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Sigma Alpha Mu Scholarships

NOTE:  funds are available for disbursement in 2017.   Applications for SAM scholarships for the academic year beginning in summer or fall 2017 will be open until May 19, 2017.   Applicants will be advised of their status by July 14, 2017.

Sigma Alpha Mu was a fraternity active on the University of Alberta Campus beginning in the 1940’s. It provided fellowship and housing to Jewish students until disbanding in 1972. Its property was sold, and the Board of Trustees decided to retain the funds to support the future re-establishment of the fraternity, should a group of leaders arise to carry out that vision. In the meantime, the Trustees determined that investment earnings from the funds would be made available for scholarships to Jewish students. Jewish Family Services administers the fund and the scholarships.

Who May Apply
Jewish students attending a full-time (min. 3 full courses or equivalent) degree program at the University of Alberta. Consideration is given to financial need and potential for academic success.

Size Of Scholarship
The number and size of scholarships awarded varies depending on amount available for distribution (i.e., investment earnings) and the number of awards granted. Historically, scholarships have ranged from $300 to $1000.

How To Apply
Apply by mid-May- see top line for exact deadline.
Please submit the following information:

    • A letter which includes a brief biography and describes your recent educational history and future plans.
    • A small photo which may be used in JFS publications
    • A brief budget for your upcoming school year which includes the following

– Savings
– Earnings during year
– Loans anticipated or received
– Grants & scholarships anticipated or received
– Support from family
– Other income

– Tuition & fees
– Books & supplies
– Housing
– Transportation
– Meals & living expenses
– Other expenses

  • Copies of your latest unofficial transcripts
  • Any other documents or information which you feel may support your request.

Applications should be made by e-mail (attachments should be PDF, MS Word, and/or JPEG).  Applications may also be sent by post or hand delivered, marked “CONFIDENTIAL” to:

Sigma Alpha Mu Scholarships
Jewish Family Services
100 – 8702 Meadowlark Road
Edmonton AB T5R 5W5

What happens next?
Jewish Family Services will review your application, and may request an interview with you. We will make recommendations to the Board of Trustees of Sigma Alpha Mu, who then will make the final decision. Your identity will be hidden from the Trustees until after a decision is made. No appeals of the Trustees’ decisions will be accepted.
Acceptance of the scholarship will constitute permission to publish your name and photograph. A cheque will be advanced to you as soon as we receive confirmation of your enrollment in the following academic year.  We usually ask you to attend a Board meeting where a cheque presentation will be made.

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